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One small oversight can cost your company millions

For California’s small-to-medium size businesses, understanding and complying with the state’s complex labor laws can be an ongoing struggle. That’s where CABIA HR Services comes in.

When the mid-sized manufacturing business he runs was hit with PAGA lawsuit at the end of 2016, it was the first time company President Tom Manzo had heard of the harmful law. His experience led him to found the California Business & Industrial Alliance (CABIA), a trade organization dedicated to fixing PAGA. As CABIA has grown, so too has Tom’s awareness of countless small businesses in the state who were victims of PAGA because they lacked the internal HR capacity to navigate the state’s 1,000+ page labor code.

To address this problem, Tom formed CABIA HR — a standalone organization focused on providing audit and compliance services to small and medium-sized businesses at affordable prices. CABIA remains focused on Tom’s original ambitious goal of fixing PAGA; CABIA HR will focus on reducing individual businesses’ exposure to the law. Given the related mission of the two organizations, 10 percent of the revenue from CABIA HR will be donated to CABIA to assist with its mission. 

Whether you have an in-house Human Resources team, a part-time staff, or no formal HR at all, every business can benefit from some help navigating their compliance and HR policies. CABIA HR Services will ensure one small oversight doesn’t end up costing your company millions.